Message to Members

Dear SPPSM Members

In 2021, the SPPSM continued to develop actions in different areas, as can be confirmed in the activities report, namely national and international representations, training and research, communication and dissemination of science, partnerships, sponsorships and other activities.

We highlight the XV National Congress of Psychiatry, the courses in Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology, the institution of awards and scholarships. We also underline the Portuguese Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health, with a path towards the indexing process, reflecting the international recognition of the scientific quality achieved by the Journal, as well as the collaboration with the journal LIVE in which we give voice to mental health professionals and services.

The communication with the media, promotion of social networks, bilingual commitment to the Society´s website and the interface with the public are already part of our routine. Valuing and encouraging the role of specialized Sections and developing the Mental Health Observatory are two of the goals for 2022.

The Covid -19 pandemic and, more recently, the war in Europe are the driving forces to do more and better for the socially disadvantaged and in severe suffering. Once again, everything that was accomplished was only possible with the work of the board, consulting board and the other governing bodies, with the support of our secretariat and those who have contributed to the success of the Journal and other initiatives.

Above all, what we have done results from the members and is accomplished for the members.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you all for trusting this Society over the years.

Lisbon, 22nd March 2022

The President of the SPPSM Board

Maria João Heitor