Webinar – Covid-19 and Mental Health

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Never before has the importance of Mental Health been so much on the center of the day, when now faced with the impact of COVID-19 and consequent restrictive measures on everyone’s mental balance.

But what will it be like to live this situation for someone who already lives with a psychiatric illness? How do specialists manage to keep this fringe of the most vulnerable population under their watchful eye, such as people with severe mental illness, such as patients with psychosis?

And how are you taking care of those who take care of everyone? What psychological support is being given to health professionals on all fronts in the fight against COVID-19?

These are some of the starting points for the virtual conversation between five specialists linked to Psychiatry and Mental Health, with the representation of the SPPSM and two associations, Familiarmente, an association of families, and Encontrar-se, an association of mental health promotion.

Reorganization of hospital psychiatric care.
The reality of the National Health Service versus the reality of the private sector.
Strategies to follow in order to keep psychiatric illness under control and patients protected.
Support for caregivers.