Became a member


  1. The proposal for the admission of Full Members, Adhering Members, Aggregate Members and Corresponding Members begins with the completion, by interested parties, of this form.
  2. The admission proposal will be subsequently analysed by the SPPSM Board who, after verifying the admission requirements, will present it at the SPPSM General Assembly immediately following the date of its formulation. If, for any reason, the General Assembly decides for the non-acceptance of this admission proposal, the candidate must be reimbursed for all the expenses he has incurred so far.
  3. The Internal Doctors of the Specialty of Psychiatry, once obtained the Specialist Title, will automatically change over to Full Members, provided they inform the SPPSM Board to do so.
  4. The admission of Honorary Members and Meritorious Members will begin with a reasoned proposal, formulated by the Board or by a group of 30 or more members, to be submitted to the vote of the General Assembly and previously included in the respective Agenda with mention of the proposed name. For the admission of Honorary Members and Meritorious Members, two thirds of the votes of the present members are required.


  1. The proposal for admission to an Associate Membership will be delivered or sent by the direction of the specialized sections (SE) to the Board of SPPSM up to three months before the date scheduled for the holding of the SPPSM General Assembly.
  2. Once the proposal is submitted to a vote at the General Assembly, the candidate will be admitted as long as he obtains a majority of the votes of the present members. You must pay the annual fee like any other regular member.