The SPPSM endorses Message from the WPA Executive Committee – March 2022

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«Reflecting our long opposition to non-defensive military activities and mindful of the recent statements of various health and welfare organisations and vote of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) condemning the invasion of Ukraine, World Psychiatric Association (WPA) also expresses “grave concern at reports of attacks on civilian facilities such as private residences, schools, and hospitals, and of civilian casualties, including children, women, older persons, and persons with disabilities.

The WPA urges the Russian Federation to stop all military activities in Ukraine immediately with special attention to those which threaten human lives and health, including mental health, of the Ukrainian population, particularly children, women, and the elderly, but also soldiers and their families.

WPA urges that psychiatrists and mental health care workers should not be prevented from caring for and treating their patients, many of whom are amongst the most vulnerable individuals, including safe passage and protection of all health care workers and patients in need. We also support the efforts of those countries providing humanitarian aid to those Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing the country.

The psychological consequences of war conflicts and trauma will have lasting adverse consequences to the survivors and to future generations. The WPA calls for an immediate cessation to the current conflict and hostilities, the psychological consequences of which have already affected so many people.»

Author: Submitted on behalf of Executive Committee, WPA