From the WPA President – Letter and Documents

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Please find attached a letter and SIX documents sent on behalf of Prof. Dinesh Bhugra.

Best wishes,
Pamela Atiase


World Psychiatric Association, 2 Chemin du Petit Bel-Air, 1225 Chêne-Bourg, Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: 4122 305 5737. Fax: 4122 3055735.

Letter from the WPA President (3.February.2017)
1. Bill of Rights for Persons with Mental Illness – Dinesh Bhugra
2. Bill of Rights for Children and Young People
3. WPA Position Statement on High Quality Training-Sep 2016
4. WPA Position Statement on prevention of mental illness Jan 2017
5. WHO letter to Shekhar Saxena
6. Graham Lancet letter re WGO DG